Ancient Symbols Of Faith Are Hot New Styles

Some styles may come and go, but faith is always in fashion. Crosses, saint medals, and many more, these are pieces of jewelry which we will cherish forever. But the hottest new style in Christian jewelry is an ancient symbol of faith, which precedes even the cross.

These symbols, as Ichthys, anchor, and doves, are the oldest symbols used in Christian jewelry. Each has very special and very specific qualities. Due to the specific qualities of ancient symbols of faith made a major resurgence in Christian jewelry and fashion. You can buy silver crosses for necklaces through

The symbolism of the ancient Christian jewelry:

Cross not be openly used in Christian jewelry until about the 3rd century, when the Emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion of Rome. Since then the cross has become the most significant of Christian symbols, and has been widely used in the art and Christian jewelry.

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Christian jewelry plays a big role in the protection and promotion of early Christians. Since the early Christians were often persecuted for their faith, it is not safe to openly display the cross. Early Christian instead of wearing the other forms of Christian jewelry, such as:

The Ichthys: The Ichthys consists of two intersecting arcs resembling the profile of a fish, and in the modern Christian jewelry usually has the name “Jesus” written in the middle. The Ichthys is a symbol of Christ as “fishers of men”.

Anchor: The anchor obviously has special meaning for sailors, and in fact generally known as the sailor’s cross. But it was originally used not only by sailing on the sea, but also by Christians from all walks of life.

Anchor used in Christian jewelry as a symbol of Jesus as the anchor of the Christian life, and hope based on faith in Christ. Anchor is the perfect piece of Christian jewelry for those who spend a lot of time at sea, and those who need grit in their lives.

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