Beneficial Microorganisms and the Environment

Our culture has become obsessed with eliminating bacteria; using gels and wipes to kill all the microbes that we have associated with illness, infection, and death.

But there are many types of microbes that are useful, which are useful, even helping us in combating global warming by breaking down plastic and cleaning pollution. One day it might even develop into a cure for cancer.

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Bacteria or microbes are everywhere in our world, and their presence certainly has an effect on the environment in which they live. The effects of these microbes on our environment may be beneficial or dangerous, with some having no effect on humans at all.

Useful application

Outside the body, microorganisms are widely used in a variety of useful applications, including pest control, food, and plant symbiosis and growth stimulation.

Oil spill

There are various types of bacteria that can clean the environment when large oil spills occur. There are certain types of bacteria called Alcanivorax that will rapidly increase in the population every time an oil spill offers it, a large amount of food, and they are able to remove most of the oil from this.

They are working in the Gulf of Mexico during the Deep Water Horizon spill and may still be there to help undo the damage done to the Gulf. Because they can help in this field, they have beneficial effects on our environment.

This incident attracted the attention of scientists and even more beneficial microorganisms that ate oil than initially thought. It is estimated that annual seepage in the Gulf of oil is 140,000 tons and this microorganism treats it.

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