Floating Floor Is Also Known As Laminated Wooden Floor

Laminate floors, also known as floating floors, due to their specific installation, were designed and created through an incredible process that includes the fusing of layers.

The process of fusion is also called as ‘floating floor or lamination floor’ (which is also known as ‘plancher flottant ou sol stratifi’ in the French language)- the kind that offers benefits since water doesn't destroy the laminated wood as fast as it could harm natural wood floors.

The floor is often installed over a subfloor and on top of a layer that supports the floor, in several cases. The sub-layer consists of a specific kind of foam or film which enables the floor to float on top, without any nails, glues or anything else. What are the four kinds of layers that create laminate floors? Some of them are:

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Wear Layer

The layer gives the laminated wooden floors a finishing touch and takes of the wear and tear of the wood. It protects the floor from scuffs, scrapes and scratches, color from fading away and harsh UV rays.

Decorative Paper

The paper is the core of the laminate floors. It is a fine quality printed paper that gives the floors a distinct look and wooden texture. The design can differ from wood to stone or marbles in several colors and patterns or offbeat designs as well as leaves, grass, artworks or paint splatters.

With easy installation and maintenance, what else can one ask for? You have everything you want with one kind of flooring. Think about it, does any other kind of flooring have so many features? It is hard to imagine or think of one. There is so much to laminated wooden floors that one shouldn't miss out on and should install in their homes.

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