Items you Should Never Bring to a Hostel


One needs to be a little careful when it comes to packing for hostel. Hostel packing is a little different however, not difficult to understand. This is because, there are items you are not supposed to bring along with you and this is for a reason. Let’s focus on some of the items you should never bring along with your during your stay in a hostel.

  1. Large Suitcase – A large suitcase is a no-no when it comes staying in a hostel. Large suitcase only takes more space inside the room and also heavy to carry along with. Moreover, heavy luggage only means you are about to spend more at the airport.
  2. Expensive Clothes and Shoes – You are about to stay in a hostel which is similar to staying in a house. You may bring expensive clothes and shoes but only wear them during a party night or while heading over to a local pub or bar. But consider your luggage as you may want to travel light and easy.
  3. Large Towel – Large towel is another item you should never bring along with. This takes more space inside your luggage making it an unnecessary item to travel with. You can always ask for a clean pair of towels from the hostel staff so avoid bringing your own.
  4. Expensive Electronic Items – if you’re going to bring along your expensive laptops, cameras, jewelry, etc. then you need to be extra careful. Getting your items stolen is less. However, you should never take the risk of flashing off to the crowd.

These are some of the items you should never bring along while staying at Koh Phangan hostels.

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