Making use of Stanchions or A Point of Purchase Display for your Show

To begin a creative design for your booth, the first thing that you need to consider is what information and features it needs to incorporate. Are you planning on promoting a new brand or providing information about your company services? Whatever it is that you look forward to achieving, this element should help you. There are websites such as,, etc. where you can get different elements that can help in your business’s promotion.

Here are some examples of interesting dynamic ways to make the components of trade show booth work for you:

  • Standard Displays: use these types of displays and exhibit your information in unusual ways. For instance, if the information is short and simple, create a series of graphic pieces with large pops of color and simple large-print words that relay your message.
  • Point of purchase display: this is not just for selling products – instead, it is to sell informational materials, giveaways, or even simple promotional products that you would like customers to try out!
  • Digital display: the possibilities with this type of display are virtually endless. You can stream promotional videos, music, and even infographics in a whole new attractive manner.
  • Dry erase and bulletin boards: items like this can be used to create a dynamic display that frequently changes, therefore keeping the booth fresh and interesting.
  • Stanchions: this may be great for crowd control, but they have lots of other uses as well. Try forming them into a maze, encouraging potential customers to some fun
  • Banners: last but not the least banners are great for displaying information and graphics in prominent ways.

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