Vinyl Fence Styles You Should Consider

Here are some of the different styles of fencing that are commonly available in vinyl that you might want to review with your fencing contractor. If any of these increase your interest for vinyl fence installation, ask your contractor about vinyl fence pricing.

Privacy Fencing

Privacy fencing is a good option for those who have security and privacy in mind. Your privacy fence doesn't have to look drab and plain. Add an accent lattice or picket finish to the top and your privacy fencing will rival any of the stylistic designs of your neighbors. What's more is that with a vinyl privacy fence, you will have very little maintenance to do so you are reaping all of the benefits and not adding anything to your home maintenance workload!

Ranch Rail Grain

Now if you have been to a farm or horse pasture, you might have seen a ranch rail grain fence. This is fencing that has vertical posts and then two horizontal beams connecting them.

What is interesting about this fence style is that it might look like wood, and it might be wood, but then again, it might not be! Vinyl fencing is flexible in that you can choose a vinyl fence that looks like wood grain. You have the look of wood without all the regular maintenance that wood fencing requires.