Hydroponic System: Installing An Air Pump

Almost all hydroponic systems will require air pumps of several types. Nutrient reservoirs must be oxygenated to maintain maximum efficiency. 

Consumable Part provides us the different kinds of air pump system; their essential purpose is the same, to pump air.

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How to install an air pump:

1. Find out the length of the air tube that you need for the air stone to sit in the reservoir where you want it. Leave a little extra tubing – you don't want too much because the air loses the power of distance.

2. Place a hole in the side of your reservoir if you want to close it. Place a hole near the top where the water will not spill. The hole is where the air pipe passes.

3. Insert your tube through the hole you made before connecting the pump or air stone.

4. Connect all the T connectors you want to use. The T connector connects two shared airways to aerate two separate stones. A large pump can aerate many air stones in one reservoir or provide all the oxygen to many reservoirs. 

5. Cut your air line before meeting each air stone to put in the check valve. Check the valve to make sure your air pump does not suck water if the power goes out. Sucking water into your pump can solve it.

6. Connect your air duct to the rock and place it where you want. I like heavier stones that remain in place at the bottom of the reservoir. If you have several air stones, spread the stone so that your entire reservoir is oxygenated.

7. Now is the right time to hang your air pump if you plan to do it. The pump can be noisy and sometimes emit loud vibrations that are very disturbing. The air pump that is hung must be a quiet air pump.