How to Make Fused Glass Pendant Jewelry?

Over the years fused glass has been explored in arts and crafts. This has been developed into various types of goods, for example, home decorations, plates, bowls, and various types of jewellery. If making jewellery is your passion, you might want to make a glass pendant combined using your artistic abilities.

Get these ingredients and tools: Kiln, Glass in your colour choice sheet, Glass cutter, Glass cutter oil, Glue, Wire, Guarantee, Pinch, Tang Breaker, Running tang.

Making a glass pendant is very easy! However, I have given a few tips for you to partner with. If you are looking for fusing glass supplies then you can check out

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– Look for glass with the same thermal expansion coefficient (COE). Doing so will stabilize the right fuse and produce a quality glass item.

– If you are looking for an approachable art centre that has a glass studio, you might be able to rent their equipment. This allows you to use but not necessarily with the equipment needed at first. They can offer advice on how to smelter glass. Another advantage of doing this is that you can buy inventory through the studio and get a lower price for bulk purchases.