The Proper Way to Pop Pimples

If you are a teenager experiencing acne problems, the chances are you have been wondering for a while about the best way to pop those annoying pimples that are disfiguring your face. To answer this question, it helps to understand that although pimples can ultimately be caused by a number of underlying reasons, the immediate cause is bacteria invading the pores of your skin. When taking any measures to control the pimples, therefore, you need to maintain strict skin hygiene. The price you will pay if you fail to do so, is more pimples, and larger pimples, as the bacteria multiply across your face.

With that important point dealt with, let’s return to considering how to pop a pimple. The essential rules here are not to use your fingers, and always to apply plenty of antiseptic. The target of both these measures is the germs that cause pimples to spread. By using a sterilised, stainless steel pimple popper rather than your nails or fingers, you avoid introducing new bacteria from your hands. And by applying an antiseptic such as Dettol or iodine solution, you can clean away the nasty, germ filled goo from inside the pimple you have popped without infecting more pores.

Once the pimples are popped, clean the skin with antiseptic and dab lightly with ice to reduce any swelling. Don’t overdo the ice though, or you will harm the skin. Also apply some antibiotic cream too, to further guard against infection.

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