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Rose Wine: Rose Wines are also called “Pink Wines” and because they are often refreshing in the mid-summer heat, “Summer Wines.” Like a beverage that can’t quite make up its mind, Rose Wines aren’t really red and aren’t really white. Instead, they possess attributes of both true red wines and true white wines. They are often best served with seafood, salad, cold cuts, and pork. You can read Michael Asimos to know more about Wine types.

Sparkling – through fermentation this wine acquires natural effervescence. The most famous ones are from this category is, of course, the champagne.

Dessert – usually sweet and in perfect equilibrium with the acidity of the wine.
Fizzy – bubbles are added artificially in this wine, unlike champagne which has a natural effervescence

As its name suggest, this type of wine made from red grapes (they are also called black grapes). During the fermentation process, the grapes red skins leave in to make its color red. These types of wine are heavier than white wines; due to its skin, it has more tannin. The grapes skins also help in flavoring the wine. Some of the most famous types of grapes which are used in the making of red wines are as follows:
* Cabernet Sauvignon
* Nebbiolo
* Montepulciano
* Pinot Noir
* Sangiovese
* Tempranillo

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