A Guide to Dressing Well in Golf Apparel

When you're going golfing at a country club, it is wise to be aware of the dress code and dress appropriately. This is especially true if you're playing with business associates or coworkers. 

Most clubs require you to wear the right type of golf apparel before stepping onto the course. Fortunately, with a few simple style tips, you will be able to dress well and look great when you step up to the tee. 

A good place to start when choosing golf apparel is with a shirt that fits properly and looks neat and tidy. The sleeves of your collared shirt should be three-quarters of the way to your elbow. You can purchase the best quality GOTS Organic Cotton golf t-shirt online.


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Additionally, your shirt should be tucked in. Letting your shirt hang out of your pants looks sloppy and is too casual for most country clubs. If you are wearing a crewneck sweater over your shirt, keep the collar tucked into the top of the sweater for a polished look.

When putting on your trousers, make sure the bottoms gently touch the tops of your shoes. If you're wearing shorts instead of full-length trousers, your shorts should fall just above your kneecaps. 

If you're going to wear outerwear or rainwear, be sure it fits snugly. Oversized golf clothing will hinder your game since it will prevent you from swinging freely.

Fit is important regardless of the type of golf apparel you wear, but it is especially critical for outerwear due to the influence it may have on your game.