All About Grant Tracking Software For Nonprofits

There are a variety of free grant management software programs available online. While each program offers different features, they all share the common goal of helping you track your grant progress.

Using a grant tracking program can help you stay organized and on top of your grant deadlines. It can also be a valuable tool for identifying any areas where you may need to improve your grant writing skills. You can get more details about grant tracking software at

If you are new to grant writing, or if you are looking for ways to streamline your grant management process, consider using one of the free grant management software programs listed below.

Common Features of the Program

There are many different types of free grant management software available, each with its own set of features. However, there are some common features that most of these programs share. Here are some of the most common features of free grant management software:

-Tracking and reporting: Most grant management software will allow you to track your progress in meeting the goals of your grant. This may include features such as creating reports, setting deadlines, and assigning tasks to team members.

-Communication tools: Many grant management programs include communication tools such as discussion forums, chat rooms, and email lists. These tools can be used to keep in touch with your team members and coordinate work on the grant.

-Resource library: Many programs also include a library of resources such as templates, forms, and sample reports. This can be a valuable tool for getting started with your grant or for troubleshooting problems that arise during the course of the project.