All About SAFe Product Owner

SAFe product owners are team members who act as the voice of the customer. He works with product management and other ORs, as well as other stakeholders, to define, list, and prioritize stories on the assurance team.

A job can support a maximum of two agile teams. SAFe PO works with the SAFe Product Manager who maintains the overall product vision. You can also learn more about SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager & Get POPM Certification online.

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Key roles and responsibilities of the SAFe Product Owner

SAFe PO's primary responsibilities extend to the entire team and beyond, attending product management events where he or she helps plan and create the program vision and refine the savings program. The main tasks of SAFe PO are listed below:

1. PI Planning

The PO plays an important role as a member of the larger product management team and must-attend events during program improvement planning (PI). 

Activities to increase program collections also require close participation and involvement of each OD.

2. During iteration

During iteration execution, the PO has very critical responsibilities:

  • PO creates, updates, and maintains team backups with updates from everyone involved and the team.
  • It is the responsibility of the OD to review and put the team's input at the forefront of the iteration planning event. This may require coordinating dependencies with other OPs.
  • During the iteration planning event, the PO deletes the user history details and is available to ensure the alignment and coherence of the final iteration plan.

3. During program implementation

During each PI, the PO establishes connections to other POs to check and coordinate other dependencies to ensure a smooth, hassle-free process. They are usually synced during weekly events.