All About Smart Window Replacement

There's an age where we love to incorporate the term "smart" into technological developments which is why there's a lot in technology that is simply this. Although these technological advances are often akin to sci-fi, technology is becoming every day, and there are plenty of innovations for homes.

One of the most popular is the smart glass, which acts as an energy-efficient solar light switch for your home. Instead of relying on window blinds to block out the light, this innovative window replacement can control the amount of light that is absorbed into the house.

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How does Smart Glass Work?

Smart glass is commonly called switchable glass. The windows in windows made of smart glass change in brightness and color in a way that lets light pass through are dependent on the design of the smart glass that you have installed. Certain models work by turning a switch to alter the tint, using adjustments that control the degree of the opacity.

The smart windows also function without any adjustments and respond to light levels like how sunglasses are treated to react to light. This is known as photochromic technology. The advantage of photochromic technology in window replacement is that it requires no manual work and consumes the power of electricity.

Liquid Crystal Replacement Windows

The same technology that's used in the displays on your DVD monitors, digital clocks, and laptop displays is used in replacement windows. This is similar to SPD technology, with panes remaining in white and black.