An Informative Guide On Postnatal Care of The Mother And Newborn

In this session, we look at the most important information to share with women who have just given birth and their partners and/or families. This includes general care of mother and child as well as warning signs in the period after birth. 

Perinatal care services can also include assessment and counseling provided to the mother before discharge after giving birth in a health facility, as well as later contacts during home visits by community health workers or postnatal visits to a health facility. 

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Maternal and newborn care after birth

Some women give birth at home with a qualified companion; others may not have a qualified companion. Some women who give birth at the facility spend time thereafter giving birth. WHO recommends that women should not be discharged 24 hours after delivery. 

Wherever a baby is born, it is important that a person is with the woman and her baby for the first 24 hours after birth in order to be able to react to changes in the baby's condition. Many complications can occur in the first 24 hours. 

Postpartum Visit Time

After delivery, women and newborns should be examined by a healthcare professional within 24 hours. At this time, also discuss the timing of follow-up visits and the schedule of baby vaccinations with your wife and family. 

WHO recommends that mother and child should be visited at home by a trained health professional in the first week after birth whenever possible. If your facility does not provide home visits, discuss with the mother how to get to the local facility or clinic for these scheduled visits. 

This visit in the early postpartum period is important for both mother and child. This is also an important opportunity to ensure successful breastfeeding and to overcome difficulties with attachment and positioning.