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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training – Prevent Harassment

New York legislators proposed a bill that enables hotels and motels to provide sexual harassment training to their employees. According to the bill, this hospitality-specific training must be interactive – either instructor-led or web-based training – where the learners are prompted to interact with the training material.

The legislation aims at ensuring that hospitality employees know the relevant legal statutes, appropriate behavioural standards, and reporting avenues available to them.  Manager training must include the above as well as practical examples aimed at the prevention of sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.  Here’s a great resource to help you get a brief guide on New York sexual harassment training:

Legislation requires that all employees receive sexual harassment training within two months of their hire date and every two years after their initial training.

We noticed a need in the hospitality industry for a line of interactive compliance courses that work with any learning management system, and have a business intelligence layer that alerts training managers of performance issues which may subsequently indicate an unacceptable degree of legal exposure.

Importance Of Birthing Classes During Pregnancy

It is a fact known to all that childbirth is a huge thing. Not only a mother but for the whole family and associates, it is a lot. The body goes through many hormonal changes throughout the nine months.

Just as the body goes through physical changes, the mind also goes through a lot. It often feels she is not ready for hyperventilation in some cases, especially for their first time. This is where the importance of birthing manner classes lies.

birthing techniques

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Your mind needs to develop confidence in your body so that when the day comes, everything goes well. Midwives are people, preferably female, who are professionals trained to guide a pregnant woman during pregnancy.

The whole procedure can be both joyous and exhausting sometimes causing stress. That's why we need it during childbirth. It will give you all the information you need during this time and in turn, remove all your anxiety and stress.

You need an equal capacity in your body and mind to give birth. The course will enable you to learn about techniques and can be a lot of long-term aid. It can be opened with the midwives. Feel free to discuss your fears and anxieties.

They are sure to have a better solution to all your fears and you end up feeling more confident and relaxed after each class. Look for the best birthing technique classes to get the best results.

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