Effects of Technological Change on Society

Science and technology are an important part of modern life. They cross local borders and touch the lives of everyone. Technology has fundamentally changed the way to live. Technology does not escape its influence on social institutions. Institutions of family, morality, religion, marriage, property have changed.

Technology has improved the status of women, but it has also contributed to stress and tension in the relationship between men and women at home. Religion loses power over its members. People became more rational, secular, and scientific, but less religious in their views. You can also check out the videos and lectures of an author or specialist on how technology affects society via https://ninaschick.org/.

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Discoveries and inventions in science have shaken the foundations of religion. The function of the state or the scope of activities of the state has been expanded. Modern technology has forced the state to perform functions such as – protecting the elderly, the vulnerable, and minorities providing education, health care, and others.

The invention of transportation and communication led to the transfer of functions from local governments to central governments across the country. Modern discoveries have also strengthened nationalism. Modern government, governed by bureaucracy, is increasingly dehumanizing human relations.

The most striking change in modern times is the change in the organization of the economy. The industry has been taken away from the budget and new types of economic organization have been created, such as shops, factories, banks, enterprises, etc.