Essential Tips for Hiring BBQ Catering Services in Noosa

If you are planning an event and want to hire a grill caterer to add delicious meat to your menu, then the following tips will help you find the right caterer. Here are the top questions to consider before hiring a professional catering in Noosa.

How many guests will be attending your event?

You have to decide how many guests you want to see at your event. You can only receive guests by invitation or leave the event open to friends and family. Think about the expected number of guests before hiring caterers.

What is the maximum number of guests you have served before?

Ask the caterer for the maximum number of guests you will ever look after. The answers the caterer offers will help you to draw conclusions about the level of experience regardless of previous statements. Some restaurants may respond with very high and wrong numbers. It’s important to have an idea of what to expect when hiring a barbecue caterer.

What are the payment terms?

Some grill catering services require a percentage of all costs before the event takes place. Before hiring these services, find out their payment terms. If you decide to hire, ensure that all agreements are in writing and keep copies as proof. While some restaurants may require you to pay cash, others may require you to pay by credit card.

Ask about extra timing fees

Various things happen during an event and one of them is an extension of an ongoing event beyond the expected time. Therefore, it is important to inquire about overtime costs before hiring these services.