Find the Best Bike For Your Needs

Cycling is a wonderful sport to improve your health and fitness level. Many of the settings you find yourself riding can include city streets, mountainous terrain, and trails. But for every different setting, a bike is made for that particular area. The first decision you need to make in choosing the right bike is to determine where and for what purposes you will be driving it.

If you're riding on city streets and want speed, look into a road bike. These tend to have thinner tires, the lightest frames, and more seats than the handlebars. Optimized for long-distance riding and high speeds, road bicycles are built for smooth surfaces and do not handle bumpy roads well. You can also get additional information on single-speed bikes from

If riding paths and rough terrain are your cups of tea, a mountain bike with wide tires, lots of treads and a rugged, sturdy frame can handle paths with ease. They have straight handlebars and hold your body more upright than a road bike. They have the characteristics of climbing steep grades and are incredibly popular.

If you plan to ride on both smooth and rough surfaces, there is such a thing as a hybrid bike. These bicycles give you the best of both worlds. They have thinner tires like a road bike which gives you more speed, yet they have a more upright position like a mountain bike which gives you more comfort.

To get the best bicycle for your needs, visit a local bike shop. There they have professionals who will help you find the right bike for you. You will be fitted for size on the front of the bicycle frame. Until you know the checkpoints between your body and certain parts of the frame, it helps to have a professional eye to judge the fit for you.

Buying a bicycle cheaply by visiting the local big box store can be tempting, but if you plan to ride a lot for the duration, you'll want to choose a well-fitting, comfortable bike with your needs in mind.