How To Avoid Refrigerator Problems And Damages

Always remember that devices don't last forever. You will definitely run into problems again and again. The fridge is not removed. Although they usually last longer than other household appliances, they are not immune to trouble and breakage. 

However, there are many things you can do to make your refrigerator function properly.  It is now really easy to replace door gaskets for commercial refrigerators to increase the life of it. 

What to do when your refrigerator door won't stay closed - CNET

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Here are some tips on how to avoid common refrigerator problems and breakdowns:-

1. Try to keep the refrigerator at a good temperature:- Do not set the temperature to a very low temperature. In fact, it's better to set the temperature between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help minimize bacterial growth without freezing things that didn't freeze properly, such as milk and other dairy products.

2. Always keep it clean:- If anything is spilled, wipe it with a damp cloth. Keep the inside of the refrigerator dry and clean. This will prevent mold from building up inside. Wipe the bottom of seasonings such as mustard or ketchup. They can stain the refrigerator.

3. Avoid slamming the fridge door:- This can break the rubber seal on the machine. It is responsible for closing the cold air inside the engine. If the rubber seal is broken, cold air can escape and your refrigerator could have problems maintaining the correct temperature inside.