How To Learn Chinese From Movies Effectively

This article aims to help people who are interested in Chinese culture and language to learn Chinese effectively from Chinese films or videos.

Audio and video materials have been used to help students learn a second language since the advent of audiocassettes and VHS tapes. In the 21st century, audiocassettes and VHS are gradually being forgotten. This new technology has brought a new dimension to second language learning. You can also avail the benefits of Chinese transcription services at

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Access to Chinese movies or TV shows is no big deal. The key is how you choose the film for your practice. Some films are great fun to watch but may not be suitable for studying. First, you need to consider how much of a conversation you can understand without subtitles. Too many new words in a film can hurt your self-esteem.

Learning means building on what you have learned. Second, you need to know the learning objectives of a particular film. Is it for everyday conversation or for a better understanding of Chinese culture? Films with different backgrounds are rich in culture from a certain period in China. You won't be able to understand many everyday Chinese conversations without knowing Chinese culture and some stories.

Watching and studying Chinese movies is easier with computer media players such as VLC and GOM players, which can play SRT subtitles located in the same file folder. You can search for SRT subtitles on the Internet. Most of them have Chinese and English subtitles but no pinyin.