How To Overcome Challenges Of A Mobile Car Wash

Major auto detailing companies are now offering mobile car washes. Cleaners transport their equipment to their customers' areas and clean the vehicles immediately and right there. This service is a great customer convenience since it helps them save energy and time. 

It's a great option for businesses that specialize in auto detailing because it increases the chances of the revenue they earn. You can also look for an automobile wash agency online.


Finding a Car Wash Near Me Things to Consider - Mobile Car Detailing - Hand Car Wash

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Water Runoff

This is the most typical issue faced by car wash workers who work in a mobile wash. Certain locations have poor drainage systems. There may be times when these won't exist in the mechanism. The issue is that there might not be enough drainage to handle the runoff of water. If the public complains about the cleanliness of the workplace, cleaning staff could be fined by law.

Cleaning employees in many situations are not able to disclose this to customers. They are at risk of losing an important purchase. They must come up with a solution that allows them to keep their vehicles clean while at the same time isn't causing excessive runoff of water.

The best way to perform auto detailing in areas that aren't equipped with drainage facilities is to employ cleaning equipment that has low-flow technology. The most commonly used cleaning equipment include car pressure washers steam cleaners and portable carpet cleaners. Steam cleaners make use of superheated vapor and low levels of liquid water as an output. They do not create excessive runoff of water. However, they aren't suitable to clean automobile exteriors.