Is It Time For The Orthodontist?

Most parents of a teenager know who the orthodontist is. They are the dentists that specialize in correcting that slightly crooked smile or making that overbite or underbite fall in line where it is supposed to sit. 

They are the ones who are trained to interpret how a junior's jaw bone is growing and look for abnormalities in how your teenager is biting down. In other words, this is the dental specialist who will decide if junior needs braces or not.If you want to know more about the best orthodontics for adults in Manassas visit

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Sometimes kids can be right on the cusp and go either way and as a parent, you want to make sure you are making the right call to either go with braces or forgo them. No one wants to have a child who grows up and as an adult has to undergo the rights of passage reserved for teenagers and get braces because their parents didn't do it for them when they were younger.

So how do you decide if your teenager's crooked smile is just a cute quirk or if it is a cry for braces? How do you know when it's time to find those dentists that specialize in answering your questions?

A good place to start of course is with your general dentist. Although general dentists do not specialize as an orthodontist they generally see enough teenagers pass through their care to know when a smile needs more advanced care than they can provide. Often your family dentist can give you a referral to an orthodontist.