Know About The Most Meaningful Superman Comic

Superman has been around a long time. He has survived a World War. He has lasted seven decades. It's safe to assume he has seen his fair share of epic stories. The Death of Superman, Superman #75 1992 was the iconic and most central Superman comic. Comic books have never captured the attention of the media as they did in 1992, 16 years ago. 

The nation was shocked to learn that one of America's greatest fictional icons had died. It was a media circus, and QVC began selling copies of specials hosted on Dan Jurgens' channel. You can also order comics of superman online to read more about superman. The Death of Superman was a beautiful film. 

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The story sees Superman and Doomsday fighting to the bitter end. They don't give up, and Doomsday doesn’t seem to be able to be defeated. Both are dead at the end of their fight and lie in the middle downtown Metropolis street. It is amazing to see Superman lying in his arms, bleeding and defeated, with Lois Lane holding his head high. 

As the page unfolds, Superman's head falls and tears start to flow. It was a spiritual connotation that referred to the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. While many praised the story and others saw it as a promotional stunt, others thought it was a cheap one. It was both and it worked for a time as both. 

Reign of the Supermen was the storyline that followed the death of Superman. It featured four new Supermen who claimed to be the real Superman.