Learn Everything About Some Myths About Mediation

Mediation is a process unfamiliar to many. Many do not understand what it is and, most importantly, how it can help them resolve disputes effectively and inexpensively. Therefore, there are many myths and assumptions about the usefulness and process of mediation. Keep in mind that you can get animal rights mediation services via https://boileaucs.com/animal-rights/.

8 Myths of Divorce Mediation - Capital District Mediation

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This article discusses common myths that many people have about mediation:- 

Myth #1: Mediation is like a judicial process:- Mediation is a confidential process where you and the other party sit down with a trained mediator who will help you work through your conflict to find an amicable solution. This means that all decisions and the direction of mediation are determined by you and the disputing parties. 

Myth 2: Mediation is an expensive process:- Frankly, mediation is one of the cheapest ways to resolve a dispute. Prices for a good broker will vary depending on the dispute and your geographic area. Mediation fees are usually less expensive than legal and court fees. Mediation is also a great way to save time and effort. Mediation is much faster than the legal process. Litigation can take time and money, while mediation can take hours. 

Myth #3: Mediation Usually Doesn't Work: – This is another myth about mediation. In fact, the success rate in mediation is 90%. The reason for the high success rate is participant satisfaction. All parties play an active role and make decisions in the process. 

In this way, all decisions are supported by the parties, because everyone has agreed on this solution. This high level of satisfaction ensures a long-term deal and helps maintain the relationship. In fact, many people are more satisfied with mediation compared to court decisions whose decisions are in the hands of judges rather than the parties.