Marketing Your Coaching Business is a Process Not an Event

No matter how great your coaching skills are if you dont know how to market your coaching business you will starve. Having sales skills and strategies is essential to become a successful coach.

  • Planning

You need a marketing plan that uses several successive strategies to achieve the level of brand awareness that potential customers need to make purchasing decisions. This means that you have to think long term and realize that marketing and sales are a process, just like buying decisions. You can using books to retail my coaching business and attract customers for the coaching business.

  • Consistency

Frequency is a term used in advertising to indicate how often someone is exposed to your message. The convention is that someone must hear your message at least three times before they can absorb the information. This means that your marketing efforts must be consistent or you will not set enough frequencies for your message to be heard and understood.

  • Difference

You can use a variety of delivery systems to reach potential coaching clients with a consistent message. I offer a variety of methods including article marketing, blogging, speeches, seminars, newsletters, e-zines, social marketing, networking, referrals, and autoresponders. I realize the list sounds overwhelming and knowing where to start can be a challenge.

  • Action

The most important thing in implementing a marketing plan is to take action every day and start marketing. There’s no need to start with perfection. Your marketing efforts don’t have to be perfect when you start, so don’t expect them to be perfect. Accept the fact that you will succeed and some of the less successful attempts.