Mostly Asked Questions For An Exhaust System?

How Much Does An Exhaust System Cost?

The price of aftermarket exhausts varies depending on the type of your car and the quality of the system. Clearly, header-back exhausts are the most expensive and range from $800 to over $2000. 

Cat-back exhausts via, on the other hand, cost from $400 to $1200, while axle-back exhausts are slightly cheaper. You can also replace the muffler for $100 to $300, while you can purchase exhaust tips for $25 to $150. There is also the added labor cost if you replace the exhaust with a mechanic.

Does Aftermarket Exhausts Add Horsepower?

By making your engine breathe better, performance exhausts can extract more power at certain RPMs. However, not all engines gain that much power. Smaller four-cylinder engines will gain much more power than large-displacement V8 engines. 

The more powerful the engine is, the less work it has to do to beat the restrictions of the exhaust. Also, cars that are already performance-tuned from the factory might not see improvements in power whatsoever.

Do Aftermarket Exhausts Improve Fuel Economy?

As expected, as much as a performance exhaust system improves power, it can also improve fuel economy. This is because performance exhausts enhance the air-flow of exhaust gases, which makes engines more efficient. 

The highest-quality aftermarket exhaust system can improve the fuel economy by up to 5%, which is a pretty amazing result. Nonetheless, some cheap and low-quality exhausts may hurt fuel consumption.