New Homeowner Cleaning Tips

Building the new home you just bought in your own home is a great thing, but it also takes a lot of planning and work. One of the first things you may want to tackle is to thoroughly clean your house, from top to bottom. You can find more information regarding professional attic cleaning after rodents via

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This is a great way to "break into" a home and make it yours. Here are a few things you'll want to tackle:

1.Make sure the attic/basement is free of insects and rodents. Attics are often overlooked because they are not visible. But the dangers they can bring will come if you don't stop them first. 

Look for a specialist to look for evidence of termites or rodents. This also applies to the basement.

2.Clean the corners from dust, especially from cathedral ceilings. Sometimes people leave quickly and don't clean themselves. Sometimes a new house sits on the market for a while and insects and spiders set up shop around the corner. 

In any case, remove dust and remove cobwebs from all hard-to-reach places when you move. 

3.Perform professional chimney cleaning. For safety reasons, you must clean the chimney professionally every 12 months. There is no better time than when you first apply.

4.Clean the clothesline. Many chimney clean companies can also remove dirt and anything that has accumulated on the clothesline coming from your outdoor dryer. Dirt and ash external to these pipelines can create a fire hazard. For peace of mind, you should clean it up.

There are many ways to organize and keep your home clean so new owners can take advantage of them.