Reasons Why Artificial Turf Is Great For Households With Pets In Sydney

Pets frequently use the lawn for playtime and break time. We want your lawn to be prepared for the heavy traffic that comes along with pets. Here are four reasons why a synthetic lawn is great for households that have pets.

1. Antimicrobial

Shelters know that animals can sometimes be scattered. Some types of artificial turf and fillers are antimicrobial and non-toxic to help protect people from germs that build up in the yard from pet use.

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2. No mud

No more muddy footprints at home with artificial turf. No dirt or mud for dogs to drag into your house!

3. Resilient to Wear and Tear

Having fun in your yard is important, and artificial turf can handle the heavy foot traffic that comes with horseback riding.

4. Reduce odor

One of the synthetic grass fillers is Zeofill. It is volcanic ash that absorbs liquids and odors. These contents help ensure that the fresh smell of your yard is maintained even when pets are used.

5. No More Harmful Chemicals

For pet owners, there are always concerns that animals will eat something they shouldn’t! However, once you have fake grass installed, you will no longer need to use any pesticides, weed killers, or fertilizers to keep your lawn looking healthy, so you’ll know your garden is safe.