Smashing a Room is Fun!

No matter if you have a bad day at the office or you are stressed about life, you had a fight or you want to smash the face of someone, the Rage Cage room game can be the perfect stress buster for you. You can play a rage cage game in Paintball USA, book with us via

Rage rooms where people break things becoming popular: review ...

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You have to keep somethings in mind before playing the game such as:-

We know that you don’t want to ruin your clothes while playing the game so we provide you with boiler suits. You just have to wear good-quality shoes that are covered from every side. Wearing open-toe shoes can harm you. 

You will also be provided with high-quality gloves and full-face protection. You will not get harmed in any way. You just have to concentrate on breaking the things, not saving your body parts. 

What is there to smash?

We understand that this question is the first one that comes in everybody’s mind that what is there to break and smash. Don’t worry we have a huge range of items from small, medium to large for you to break. 

Small Items: Glass bottles and PC Peripherals like computer mice and speakers etc. 

Medium Items: office phones and keyboards etc

Large Items: Flatscreen computers and monitors, Scanners, etc.

You can break them with the help of baseball bats, tire irons, golf clubs, sledgehammers, and crowbars. You can also take out your aggression on a heavy metal surface and tractor tires.