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How Do You Remove A Bumper Sticker?

The demand for decals has grown in recent years because of their use as an advertisement or information instrument. What are the terms used to describe the decals and the various types?

Temporary decals/labels / stickers:

They are used mostly to label the contents or the type of product. Examples include marking fruit or pricing an product. The adhesive doesn't affect its surface item and isn't dangerous to people. The decals usually stay for a short time on the product and can be removed without difficulty. You can also use an adhesive eraser wheel for removing pinstriping and stickers. 


Semi permanent decals / labels / stickers:

These are the most current form of decals that can be put on a wall or vehicle and then removed later with minimal effort. They were developed because of the difficulty in the removal of traditional decals. They are popular in the industry of event management as well as the advertising business. One example is Foto stickers that are made 1/5 inch thick and are durable as well as flexible. This kind of decal can be reused numerous times.

Permanent Decals:

Permanent decals can be affixed to any clean and smooth surface for years of use. They are able to be customized to any shape and color. They are typically employed for advertising (e.g. on the sides of trucks or cars) as well as to post signs (e.g. Stop signs). They can be difficult to remove and require a heat gun or a rubber pad (Wonder Wheel) to remove.


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