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Choosing a Freight Forwarder-Information and Advice

A freight forwarder is an agent who arranges the logistics and organizes the transport operations for the delivery of global shipments for companies or individuals.

When planning to use a freight forwarder, there are several factors you should take into consideration before making your choice. You can also get the best information about the best freight forwarder via

Before you even ship your goods you will need to consider the way they will be packaged to ensure that they are kept secure and delivered safely with no damage.

A good forwarder will be able to give you specialized assistance and advice on the most suitable method of transport for your cargo.

It is important that you provide your freight forwarder with as much information about the consignment so they can provide adequate and suitable suggestions.

You should also give them a desired collection and delivery date to help them plan the best route for your shipment. A forwarder who is unable or unwilling to help in this manner may not have enough experience on the job or just does not care enough. You would be better off to continue your search if this is what you find.

Most goods handled by shipping companies are shipped internationally as an import or an export. You should ensure that the forwarder you are considering is familiar with international legislation and the process of importing and exporting from your place of origin or destination.

A freight forwarder with a comprehensive global network would be able to call on local agents in the original or destination country or city to ensure that the cargo was handled correctly.

This is especially important when dealing with hazardous or dangerous goods, and your forwarder should be knowledgeable of the required handling procedures and the legal requirements for shipping this type of cargo.

Some freight forwarding companies provide training to their employees on handling hazardous cargo and it is a good idea to ask your freight forwarder if they do this.


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