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asbestos newcastle

Why is asbestos inspection necessary?

asbestos Newcastle inspection

Asbestos inspection is generally used to check for asbestos in homes and offices. It needs to be done regularly to avoid health hazards as asbestos can cost severe illnesses, including lung cancer. Asbestos was often used as a building material in the 1950s as it was excellent for insulation and fire-resistant. In addition, it is durable against chemical attacks at high temperatures, but this means that all the buildings that were built before 2000 might contain asbestos. This type of construction material is relatively safe when it is in excellent condition. Still, when asbestos breaks down for any reason or wear and tear, the fibers float in the air inhaled by the individuals living in that building or the specific area.

Is asbestos dangerous?

Yes, of course, asbestos is dangerous as at least 4000 people every year die from asbestos. It is the reason why the majority of the buildings today have a regular asbestos inspection. When you inhale the fibers containing asbestos, you would also become exposed to various ailments and diseases that are caused by asbestos inhalation. Breathing in high doses of asbestos can lead to asbestos-related ailments. Some of the commonly caused diseases by asbestos include lung cancer.

Asbestos, when inhaled, gets trapped in your lungs and stays there for long periods of time, and as the years' pass, the fibers might accumulate and eventually cause tissue inflammation affecting breathing and eventually leading to severe health ailments. Hence it would be best if you always went for an asbestos inspection Newcastle.

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