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Why It Is Important To Clean A Tattoo

Tattoos are unique areas that have been damaged in a controlled, clean manner. The tattooed area can therefore be treated in a specific manner.

The artist usually finishes the tattoo by cleaning the area and applying a cream. Finally, an occlusive coating is applied. A scab will form at this stage. You can use ink sealing foam cleaner 1.7oz for tattoos and piercings aftercare.

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Platelets can accumulate under the skin's surface from areas of flowing damage. It is important to get rid of any platelets that may be causing scab formation.

Detergents can be used to remove blood from the body without causing discomfort or irritation.

After cleaning the area with cleansing soap, allow it to dry. Next, apply a thin layer of Protat Premium Cream or Protat Soothing Cream to create semipermeable skin on the tattoo.

The cleaning foam is not antibacterial. Professional tattoo artists use clean, aseptic techniques to prevent the infiltration of "bad" bacteria. The skin is protected by a friendly and natural population of bacteria.

Antibacterial products will not only kill any bad bacteria but also reduce the natural bacterial population. This will leave the skin without its primary defense mechanism.

Vitamin E and natural aloe vera are extra-careful, while the absence of perfume helps to reduce the risk of irritations and allergies.

How To Use Piercing Spray To Clean Piercings

Getting a new piercing is an exhilarating experience, but it doesn't stop when you step out of the piercing chair. Instead, the most important part begins aftercare. When piercing, it is recommended to clean the fresh area several times a day to keep it clean, fresh, and free of dirt.

Piercings usually recommend using a sterile saline solution or piercing spray to clean it, as this will flush, drain fluid, and stimulate blood flow to the open wound. You can get the best piercing spray from various web sources.

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A sterile spray with saline water or piercing spray is usually recommended for cleaning new piercings, as they are not as harsh as other cleaning agents. Creams and ointments, no matter how thick they are, should also be avoided, as they interfere with the air circulation required for the treatment and can contain harmful ingredients if used for a long time.

There are two ways to use sea salt spray: spray it on your piercing or soak your piercing in it. If you want to spray it, you can apply it directly to the fresh wound or spray it on a cotton swab or cotton ball and rub it gently on the piercing.

If you choose to soak your piercing in the saline solution, the process is as simple as it sounds.

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