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Boiler Maintenance And Servicing In Victoria

Boilers, regardless of type or size, can be dangerous and can lead to death if not properly cared for and maintained. Boiler maintenance can also result in significant energy savings over time.

Boiler maintenance and servicing are complex as each system has a different configuration and setup and should therefore only be attempted by professional high-risk work certified workers, preferably those registered with professional bodies in their sector.

The cost of treatment depends on the treatment method chosen. Some owners prefer nozzle maintenance which only operates the boiler after failure. This method can be expensive and dangerous because it usually involves replacing the entire system after serious damage that could cause health risks.

Proactive maintenance, on the other hand, uses scientific techniques to anticipate breakdowns and make repairs before they occur. This method is safer for boiler users and more cost-effective in the long run.

In a proactive maintenance program, qualified experts use the available data to analyze the condition of the boiler room. They review fuel consumption figures and gas temperature records and compare them to the manufacturer's specifications to determine boiler operating conditions, and then offer advice on proper maintenance.

Effective boiler maintenance should focus on the safety features that make it efficient. For example, safety valves should be checked regularly and replaced if they are damaged. The safety valve releases all the pressure that has accumulated in the boiler when other systems are not in good condition. These valves are mostly affected by internal corrosion caused by small leaks.

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