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Creative Ideas To Ask Your Friends To Be Your Bridesmaids

Selecting your bridesmaids may be a simple or extremely painful process. It's generally pretty easy when you have a lot of sisters and a few close acquaintances you've been with for many years. 

However, no matter how painless or easy the process of choosing your bridesmaids the process should be smooth and enjoyable to ask them after you've settled on a choice.  To ask them to be your bridesmaid, you can even buy bridesmaid cards at

Here are some ideas for proposing to your best gal pals.

  1. An excellent way to request is to buy an official handbook for your bridesmaids or use a bridesmaid dress". It can be sent to them by mail and invite all for lunch and then give the book for them to use as a present with a thoughtful message that explains to each the reason you've picked for them to be your bridesmaids.

  2. You can contact your local florist in your possible bridesmaid(s) town. You can have small bouquets delivered to each. This is a great option since you can communicate with the florist by telephone or in-person, regardless of the place where you and your bridesmaid(s) reside. 

The florist should attach the note that reads such as, "Will you be my bridesmaid? Love, Amy". Your loved ones will be so excited to receive the bouquet.

  1. If the weather will be good and you can invite your guests to a picnic in the park. Before your guests arrive you could plan a Scavenger Hunt and plant items in the park that have something to do with being related to being the bridesmaid.

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