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Different kinds of reusable paper towels

If you search for "reusable paper towels," you'll find lots of options that look very different. Here's a quick breakdown to help set the tone for you:

"Paper towels" made of bamboo and cotton

Bamboo is a sustainable source of paper to which many paper products migrate. Made from strong and absorbent bamboo fibre, bamboo paper towels are tree-free paper towels and can be used repeatedly for up to a week so you can keep them clean at home and on the go. You can also visit to buy reusable kitchen roll.

The company make paper towels from 100% fast-growing and durable bamboo fibre, not from trees, as bamboo takes about 3 months to grow back after harvest and trees take about 20 years. Our bamboo is also suitable for pandas, which means it is not a food source for pandas. In addition, these reusable paper towels are available in packages made from recycled and recycled paper.

Cotton "tissue paper" is very similar to cotton kitchen towels, but is made from recycled or leftover fabric and is less durable and biodegradable – and therefore more suitable for single use. They last longer than regular or reusable paper towels, but you shouldn't feel guilty throwing them away after using them to clean something really dirty.

Made from pure cellulose or a blend of cellulose and cotton, this soft kitchen towel absorbs like a sponge, is as strong as a cotton "paper towel" and is as comfortable and biodegradable as a reusable paper towel – and is machine washable and deep washable. microwave and dishwasher.

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