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call forwading

How to use Call Forwarding

Call forwarding allows you to send all calls that come to your home phone to another phone you choose. You can find more about the same via


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The direction below will guide you to use this feature.

How to activate call forwarding?

To activate call forwarding:

  • Listen to the dial tone, and press * 72.
  • Listen to the stuttering tone followed by a normal dial tone.
  • Press the number where you want your call forward.
  • When the phone is answered by someone or voicemail, close the phone. (You might want to tell people before what you do!)
  • Your call now will be forwarded to the number you are called.

How to turn off call forwarding?

To deactivate call forwarding:

  • Listen to the dial tone, and press * 73.
  • Listen to 2 short tones, then a normal dial tone.
  • Call forwarding is now dead.

Can I make a call out when forwarding an active call?

You can still make an outgoing call when forwarding an active call. However, because all incoming calls are transferred immediately, you cannot answer incoming calls on your original channel when this feature is activated. If there are only a few numbers you want to continue, use selective call forwarding instead. 

You will hear a short ring on the original phone each time a call is forwarded


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