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Cancer Treatments

Cancer Treatments And Side-Effects: Surgery And Radiation Therapy

When your oncologist tells you that you will undergo radiation therapy for your cancer, many questions may be going through your mind that you may not be requested. It is completely understandable that you might be overwhelmed and just do not want to think about the next set of challenges you will face. 

Recognizing the common types of cancer treatment and its side effects can help prepare you for the reality of cancer treatment and provide the necessary information about treatment options with your doctor. There are several kinds of cancers such as stomach cancer that can be lead by various medications. For this, Zantacantacidcancerlawsuit will help you in determining the side effects of various medications that you take for a long-time.

Radiation Therapy: Does It Stay in Your Body After Treatment?

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Perhaps the earliest form of cancer treatment, the actual operation is used for several purposes when it comes to cancer. It is used to prevent, diagnose, stage, and treat cancer. There are two main types of surgery that can be used to treat cancer in the whole body or in a single part. Curative surgery, also called primary surgery, usually done when the cancer is found only in one part of the body and the probability that it can be removed easily. 

A side effect of cancer surgery that is similar to the side effects of any surgery and may include pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, swelling, numbness, bleeding, infection, and organ dysfunction.

Radiation Therapy:

One of the most common treatments for cancer, radiation therapy uses high-energy waves or particles to damage or destroy cancer cells. Special equipment transmits high-dose radiation to the tumor or cancer cells to prevent them from growing and spreading. Radiation therapy can affect normal cells near the tumor. 

Common side effects of radiation therapy are fatigue, skin irritation, mouth soreness, dryness in mouth, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, changes in eating habits, and several other side effects associated with particular site radiation.

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