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What Is Electro Spraying?

Electro spray is also an electro hydrodynamic process, but is a variant of conventional electro spinning. Electro spray is used to generate particles; generally in the 100 nm to 10 µm range, although Spray base has also shown particle production in the 10 nm range.

The main difference between these two processes lies in the solution concentration and molecular weight of the polymer. You can also buy TES-5 semi-automatic capsule filling machine online via

In electric spraying, the concentration of the polymer solution is low enough to confuse the charged light. This then breaks down into tiny spherical droplets, which harden between the ends of the emitter and deposited on the collector.

In an electric spray, the polymer solution does not undergo the same large amount of elongation observed with the electric clamp, and the film formed also consists of tiny droplets instead of fibers. This technique is used in a wide variety of applications including drug administration, drug formulation, cell encapsulation, and thin film deposition.

Spray base Electro spray Starter Kit

The Spray base Electro spray Starter Kit contains all the components needed to create and visualize a Taylor Cone Electro spray that can be repeated to produce nanoscale and micro-scale particles.

Spray base electro spinning and electro spray kits

This system is ideal for those who are comfortable with the traditional syringe pump method and also have the system's ability to compress fluids. Two collectors are also provided, which are interchangeable for those who wish to produce fibers and particles.

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