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carbon capture utilization and storage

CCUS Technology – Sucking carbon from the atmosphere

Carbon capture and storage is the best idea for industries that do methanol production, fertilizers production, natural gas processing, refinery hydrogen production and, coal-fired power generation.

As environmental regulations change and renewable energy generation and storage become more convenient, the proper operation of these plants will require owners and operators to find new ways to comply, including reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through carbon capture technologies. You get more information regarding industrial carbon capture via 

The need to move CCS toward widespread adoption is accelerating: According to the IEA, more than 2,000 carbon capture, capture, and storage (CCUS) plants will be required to be operational by 2040, which equates to a 100-fold increase to meet global climate goals.

Dastur Energy is helping various industries in the carbon capturing process. Dastur was Selected by the US department of energy to design and engineer the first industrial-scale carbon capture project at a large integrated steel producer in North America. The technology captures carbon dioxide directly from the air and uses renewable energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

It is important to accelerate the adoption of carbon capture technology is essential to reduce emissions from these power plants and industrial plants such as cement and steel.

Industrial processes in which large-scale carbon capture has been demonstrated and is in commercial operation include coal gasification, ethanol production, fertilizer production, natural gas processing, hydrogen production in refineries, and, more recently, coal-fired power generation.

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