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How to Make a Shell Casing Pendant?

Shell casing pendants are a type of jewelry that consists of a necklace or bracelet made out of shell casings. The shells are usually from freshwater mussels, and the beads used to make the necklace or bracelet are usually small and delicate.

The shell casing pendants can be pretty unique pieces of jewelry, because each one is unique. Some people love them because they think they look antique-y and vintage-y, while others find them beautiful and unique.

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First, gather your supplies. You'll need some wire, a clasp, a small bead, and some shell casing. You can find all of these items at most craft stores or online.

Next, start by threading the wire through the clasp. Make sure the wire is long enough to reach all the way around the bead. Then, twist the wire around the bead until it's secure.

Finally, add a small bead to the end of the wire. Now you're ready to finish your pendant. Just loop the wire around another piece of jewelry or tie it into a knot.

The most popular type is the toggle clasp pendant, which is made up of two shells connected by a metal toggle. These clasps can be opened and closed with a simple motion, and they often feature intricate designs on the inside.

Another popular type of shell casing pendant is the chain necklace. These pendants are made up of a series of linked shells, and they can be worn long or short depending on your preference.

And finally, there are the keychain pendants. These are small, simple pieces that typically consist of a single shell casing attached to a metal key ring.

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