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How Do Grain Silos Work?

Wheat helps feed the world and silos help farmers bring food to your table. This iconic structure, which is changing the landscape of many agricultural areas, allows farmers to store grain efficiently. 

Silos are simple structures that don't have many high-tech components. Nevertheless, they require careful installation, operation, and maintenance. You can also look for the best silo builders through the web.

Storage Silos

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Silo type

More than 40 years ago you could still find tall "tower" silos here. Nowadays, more and more people are using horizontal silos which come in various designs. Horizontal excavation silos built into mounds have earth-like walls.

Charging system

The vertical lift is the only operating system that people use to fill grain silos. Since most structures are tall, it is impractical to use the inclined lifting method to fill them. Bucket elevator systems require a high initial investment but are an efficient way to load grain into silos.

Unloading system

In most silos, gravity causes the grain to flow out of the top of the silo and through holes in the bottom near the center. At this opening, a machine called an auger transports the grain to another vehicle or grain shop. As the grain flows through the auger, it forms a funnel at the top of the silo.

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