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Charities Supporting Education For Underprivileged Children

Since few nations have gained independence from British rule in respective years, it has made continued progress in primary and secondary schooling. But there are few stumbling blocks on the road to executing the goal of universal schooling.

These include a lack of adequate funds, physical infrastructure, and quality teachers. Nations spend only a little over 3% of their GDP on education against the benchmark of 6% that every national education policy has set. In order to give donations for supporting children's education, you can visit

Nations need significant mobilization and collaboration between the government and the private and social sectors to provide quality education to every eligible child.

While the government has to step up its efforts, several nonprofits have been filling the education gaps. NGOs are also now driving the change in education.

The trust was founded to promote literacy and higher learning in the country, it has undertaken several initiatives to improve the lives of deserving students through education.

The focus is on ensuring that children from socially and economically marginalized families access quality education and decrease the high dropout rates. The project also allows individuals to participate in and support the education of children. You can sponsor the education of an underprivileged child for a minimum period of one year by donating.

Such foundations run a one-year program to facilitate school readiness for children from low-income communities aged 4-6 years. The concept is to build a strong basis in language and social talents in a safe, secure, and comfortable learning environment. Donations to this schedule will cover the price of teachers’ salaries in academies.

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