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Learn About The Best Spiderman Comics

Over 50 years have passed since the first Spider-Man comics appeared, mostly in Ultimate and 616 universes. Marvel comics began a long time ago. Their characters were all set in the exact same world so that they could interact and collaborate. 

In 2000, however, someone thought of creating a new universe where they could recreate the origins and stories for Marvel characters such as Spider-Man. The new Ultimate universe was designated Universe-1610, while Universe-616 was the original. You can hop over here to buy the best marvel comics online.

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The original Spider-Man comic, Amazing Spider-Man began in 1963. This comic continued in the 616 universe. However, this Ultimate Spider-Man comic was published in the 1610 universe. He is in the same universe as many other comics that are under the Ultimate title Ultimate X-Men.

Secret Wars, a comic book event, destroyed both these universes to create one Marvel Universe with characters from each. Stan Lee, the writer and Steve Ditko were the ones who created Spider-Man to fill in for an canceled anthology series. At the time, a teenage lead hero was unheard of in comic books. 

Young readers responded strongly to Peter Parker. This led to an ongoing title, as well as a media empire that included video games, one animated and one live action television series, a live film franchise and a Broadway musical.

Spider-Man was different from the established conventions of the comic-book superhero. He was a teenage character who was not relegated to sidekick status beside an older, more-experienced hero. In addition to enhanced speed and strength, Parker also possessed a precognitive "spider sense" that alerted him to approaching dangers. 


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