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copper water bottles

Stay Healthy With Copper Utensils

Copper is a natural antimicrobial as well as an immune-boosting agent. There are studies showing that keeping water in a copper jar for six hours or more kills almost all harmful microbes present in the water. In fact, studies have also shown that viruses such as influenza A completely disintegrate within 6 hours on copper surfaces.

Unfortunately, you cannot turn all the surfaces you touch into copper as this is not an economical option. But you can start drinking water from a copper bottle to stay healthy and economical. There are many sources that can be used to purchase copper bottles and other copper equipment. You can also visit to buy copper drinking bottles online.

Health care providers also stress the importance of drinking enough water and maintaining healthy fluid levels. Water boosts your immunity, improves blood circulation, and helps your body replace lost fluids.

Water stored in copper bottles has natural antibacterial properties that kill harmful bacteria and viruses and make the water clear and drinkable.

To stay healthy, avoid cold drinks or raw, cold foods as these disturb the balance of the body. Always remember that your body imitates nature. So when it's cold outside, you need something warm to soothe your body. Avoid strenuous activity during the winter months and instead, stay calm and relaxed.

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