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All About Regular Nail Polish Vs Gel Nail Polish

You can color your nails with nail polish, no matter if you're dressing up for a party and/or a social event. There has been a distinction between regular and gel nail polish for a long time. Both can give your nails a polished look, but the formulas and how it's used differ.

1. Composition

Regular nail polish is nothing more than a colorless liquid that is slightly viscous. These are composed of nitrocellulose, which is dissolved in solvents such as ethyl or butyl. Gel nail polish, on the other hand, is made of a base gel that is extremely viscous. After the gel has been applied using a brush, it is dried under a UV lamp or dried. You can buy gel nail polish at Candy Coat Limited.

gel polish

2. Scope

Regular nail polish is a good choice if you just want to enhance your nails. Gel polish, however, not only gives your nails color but also shines and glows. You can also think outside the box if you like nail art. A gel nail polish kit can be quite costly compared to a regular polish.

3. Use

It's not necessary that you apply multiple coats of nail polish. Once the regular polish is exposed to air, or if it's kept under a fan, it will dry immediately. Gel nail polishes require that you apply a coat first and then dry under ultraviolet light. Once the polish has been set, you will need to apply another coat. 

This is necessary to preserve the polish's consistency and protect your nails from any dust particles. Regular polish may take up to 20 minutes to dry, but gel-based polish takes only one minute.

You can create a marble effect with regular nail polish. Your creative ideas will be appreciated by your acquaintances as you search for the best way to paint nails. You can also create a nail art set with gel polish in different colors. Both kinds of nail polish are good. Choose one that suits you the most.

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