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fertigation systems

Fertigation In Vegetable Growing Methods

Fertigation is the application of fertilizers using water. This guide will talk about fertigation using irrigation and industrial fertilizers that can be used in certified organic systems.

Greenhouse fertigation methods can be performed using any irrigation method. In the production of fresh market vegetables, silica irrigation is the most commonly used system to heat up and requires the most knowledge for successful use.

Drip irrigation, also referred to as irrigation or micro-irrigation, applying water slowly, directly to the ground around the harvest. Drip irrigation usually utilizes less than half of the overhead and irrigation water.

The efficacy with drip irrigation exceeds 90 percent while the sprinkler system is between 50 and 70% effective. The high-performance of drip irrigation is because

(1) Water soak into the ground before it can evaporate or runoff and

(2) The use of water where needed (near harvest) instead of in all areas.

In the dry climate, the use of irrigation water in the panzer zone instead of all fields helps reduce weed pressure between the pops. Another benefit of drip irrigation is to reduce water consumption using the development of harvest on the ground (leaves, stems, and fruit), making conditions less profitable for all diseases. And dues to this crops grow in well maintain environment.

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