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gas masks

Why To Shop From Army Surplus Store

Heading off for an adventure outdoors is easier visualized than done, especially when you are up for a very thrilling outdoor experience. One of the trends in going outdoors is trying out military inspired games such as paintball, airsoft and the like. 

These games are similar to real military battles; what only makes it different is the materials used for the game. Paintballs, as the name suggests, uses paint as its bullet. All these things are available in army surplus stores.

Even people are following military-inspired fashion, combat trousers are also a hit in the fashion scene nowadays. Many combat trousers are made with heavy duty material, but are designed for comfort. So, it is very much suitable for outdoor adventure.

Military boots and army boots are also good for outdoor combat, or for very long mountain hikes. These combat footwear is designed for comfort, and for durability, as men in uniform use these kinds of shoes when they are out for a mission. 

Have a good pair, especially when planning to have a long walk on rough roads. All these and more could be found at military surplus stores. These stores sell a variety of army gears, clothing and camping equipment. 

Best Gas Masks and Respirators for Survival

Gas masks and respirators can make a big difference in cases of severe air pollution, riots, fires, natural catastrophes, pandemics, or nuclear attacks. These products are often misunderstood by most people. Bandanas or surgical masks don't work — you will need a disposable mask and a reusable full-face gas mask.

Our research took us 43 hours to find the right product so that you don't end up with the wrong thing. Respirators are the best emergency masks because they keep the bad stuff out of your respiratory system. Bandanas and surgical masks do not count as respirators, so they should not be relied upon in an emergency.

COVID editor's Note January 24, 2020: It’s basically impossible for a consumer to find a proper respirator after the initial panic buying and severe lack of government/hospital preparation. You can make a difference in protecting yourself and others by using simple face masks.

Below are some DIY mask instructions and tips for safely putting on and removing your mask. You can also follow COVID analysis and updates here. You should protect your eyes and use mask exhalation valves to prevent spreading the virus.

Most important tips for emergency respirators:

  • Most people should have a mix of cheap disposables and a half-face model in their emergency bags, and possibly a CBRN- or NBC-rated gas mask at home.
  • Start with the disposables and work your way up. A nuclear gas mask should not be one of your first purchases if you ever buy one at all.
  • Respirators are temporary solutions to help you escape danger. You will not be spending days traveling the wastelands wearing just a gas mask.
  • There is a wide range of gas masks and respirators. They are not equal. What you buy matters.

When people refer to “gas masks”, those are respirators. So are the disposable N95/P100 ones that form a tight seal around your nose and mouth, or the half-face versions commonly used in industrial or construction settings.

Gas Masks – To protect From Toxic Gases

Gas masks are used to protect against all types of chemical and biological materials known. Gas masks use different techniques to protect users. But common components such as the face piece, hood, eyepieces and filters are present in almost all the masks. You can find more about israeli gas masks with filter online. 

Israeli Gas Mask (Adult) with Filter (Model 4A1)

The most basic masks using filtration techniques. Pollutants generally have larger particles of oxygen and by using either the mesh can be kept out. The only drawback is that the air supply is also limited in this process.

Other processes using quality absorb certain chemicals such as activated charcoal to control harmful agents. The mask has been in limited use, because they are able to absorb only a few chemicals. Now the mask using a chemical neutralization method. This mask contains a chemical filter that neutralizes harmful chemicals present in the air. Some also have a tube for drinking water, communication systems and winterization kits to prevent fogging during cold weather conditions.

This mask provide adequate protection only for the face and internal organs. Chemicals have now been developed that affect the skin and can be used in future terror attacks and war zones. The suit body protector attached to the mask is a good choice to counter harmful affects of these chemicals.

Chemical and biological agents have been used in the past and will be used again. The armed forces, along with other researchers, working together to improve the quality of the existing mask and developing new protection systems. This will help them to operate in the disturbed areas without risking their lives.

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