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GM Injury Lawsuits

Airbag Defects In Suv Rollovers

In the event of an SUV rollover accident, airbags are often the only protection available to vehicle occupants. Airbags can soften the impact of a rollover accident and prevent drivers and passengers from getting severe injuries.

Rollover accidents have shown that airbags can also cause serious injuries. These are usually caused by defective airbags that don't provide the protection they were intended to. These cases can cause more damage than the rollover accident. 

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GM Airbag Recall Adds 7M Vehicles to Record Breaking 60M Recall - Top Class Actions

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Defective deployment systems are the most common cause of airbag defects. These include malfunctioning sensors that deploy the bags too soon or too late, defective release systems that provide too much force or not enough force, and other problems that could cause airbags to fail to deploy.

These sensors and systems can be damaged in some cases. This could be considered a design flaw since the vehicle's design allows for the airbag system to be damaged in an accident.

These defects could also be caused by problems at the factory that made the airbag. Another reason could be a design flaw since vehicle manufacturers might not have designed systems that work properly. This could also be a manufacturing defect or an error made during vehicle production.

The vehicle manufacturer could be held responsible for injuries caused by defective airbags. Rollover accident victims may also be eligible for financial compensation. They will have to file personal injury lawsuits against responsible manufacturers.

Individuals who wish to pursue compensation should seek the guidance of an experienced lawyer for airbag defects. This can increase their chances of obtaining a favorable result.

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